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Conference series: La educación que queremos II (2017) / The education we want II (2017)

FEBRUARY - NOVEMBER 2017. This conference series seeks to be a place where, together, we can think about the education we want, because we are convinced that that education is possible today.

Another way of educating is possible. ConferencesWe are witnesses to it. It does not depend on external conditions alone. When it happens, it depends on a decision, on a way of looking at things and on having the courage to take the risk.

It is not always evident, but when we see it, we recognise that that is what we want. And there is probably a greater consensus than what we think.


Headquarters at Castelló 18C, Madrid. 6:00 p.m. Free admission subject to on-line registration in advance until seating capacity is reached.

  • 23 February. No sin las artes. Christopher Clouder.
  • 30 March. El arte de preguntar. Francisco Romo.
  • 27 April. Educar desde la alegría y el buen humor. Begoña García Larrauri.
  • 20 June. Vivir con entusiasmo. Victor Küppers. Registration starting 31 May.
  • 10 October. El valor del fracaso. Ignacio Martín Maruri. Registration starting 21 June.
  • 28 November. La magia de la educación. Xosé Manuel Domínguez Prieto. Registration starting 11 October.




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