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Call for applications for unemployed professionals

Who can apply?

Unemployed professionals with a strong education and training and good professional track record who wish to exercise their professional activity in the Social Sector and are interested in participating in one of the selected projects.

Essential requirements for eligibility:

  • Individual applicants must be currently unemployed professionals or inactive freelancers.
  • They must have qualifications in line with the profile proposed by the organisation and duly accredited.
  • They must have at least five years of accredited work experience in any sector of activity.

Also valuable:

  • A post-graduate qualification from a prestigious Spanish or foreign university or business school, from any sector of activity.
  • Completion of a specialisation course or programme related to the Third Sector.
  • A high command of foreign languages.
  • Any previous collaboration (employee, volunteer, member, etc.) with any non-profit organisation.
  • A successful professional career, with specific, proven achievements in each position the person has held.

Submission of applications:

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS. The application period for professionals runs from 9 June to 3 July 2017 (both inclusive).
As of such date, unemployed professionals or inactive freelancers who wish to participate in the Programme may apply to any of the projects published on the Fundación Botín website by filling out the on-line application form. Candidates are not permitted to apply for more than one of the selected projects.

SUBMISSION OF APPLICATIONS. To participate in the programme, they must fully complete the application form for professionals, available on the website of Fundación Botín ( In addition to completing the required information on the form, the professionals will be asked to attach their Curriculum Vitae and a CV video following the instructions given on the application form.

SELECTION PROCESS. The selection process will be carried out in cooperation with an expert staff selection consultancy firm. Between July and August, the consultancy firm will contact the candidates that best match the profiles requested by the organisations and hold the relevant interviews, before presenting Fundación Botín with a final short list of candidates for each project.

The professionals who become finalists in the consultancy firm's selection process will be interviewed in September by each of the organisations with awarded projects, which will ultimately select the most suitable candidate or candidates.

The professionals whose applications are rejected will receive a notification from Fundación Botín.

EMPLOYMENT CONTRACTS. The selected professionals or, as the case may be, professional services (maximum 3) will be contracted for a period of one year, commencing on 02 October 2017, and these contracts will be funded by Fundación Botín. For the 2nd year, a percentage of funding renewed will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.



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