Since 1994 renowned artists have passed through the Villa Iris Visual Arts Workshops, spending a coupe of weeks closely working with young artists from all over the world who come to Santander for this activity.

Juan Uslé, Gabriel Orozco, Juliâo Sarmento, Miroslaw Balka, Antoni Muntadas, Jannis Kounellis, Mona Hatoum, Paul Graham, Lothar Baumgarten, Tacita Dean, Carlos Garaicoa and Julie Mehretu are just some of the artists-directors that have worked with the Botín Foundation. See PREVIOUS WORKSHOPS at www.centrobotin.org.


The workshop will be led by Joan Jonas, from 6 to 23 June 2016, from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm in Santander, at Villa Iris and the nearby Nansa Valley, where Fundación Botín has been unfolding a Rural Development Program aimed at re-dynamizing the valley and preserving its heritage. Travel to other sites of specific interest may also be scheduled, such as to gardens of exception.

Applications must be submitted online until 9 April 2016.


-Requirements for online application.

-Terms and conditions.

Artists selected (published 2 May 2016): Saverio Bonato (Italy, 1991); Sara Bonaventura (Italy, 1982); Aliansyah Caniago (Indonesia, 1987); Santiago Diaz Escamilla (Colombia, 1992); Galia Eibenschutz (Mexico, 1970); Ariel Elisabeth Gout (France, 1968); Allison Janae Hamilton (EE.UU., 1984); Sonja Silke Hinrichsen (Germany, 1967); Noriko Koshida (Japan, 1981); Alessandra Messali (Italy, 1985); Carolina Redondo (Chile, 1977); Mara Danielle Streberger Elizalde (EE.UU., 1978); Yusuke Taninaka (Japan, 1988); Phan Thao-Nguyen (Vietnam, 1987); Xavier José Cunilleras (España, 1979).

See final document about the workshop.


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